Равновесия танец

by Λ S T R Λ

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released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Λ S T R Λ Ufa, Russia

Λ S T R Λ has only recently spawned into exsistance and has not had time to conquer the world yet, hence it is too early to create any sort of biography. For now our biography is our sound.

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Track Name: Равновесия танец
Спиралями в сварге движение струится
В хаосе незримо порядок таится
Равновесия танец в гармонии танцуя
Мрак и сияние кружат чередуя

Цели достигнув процесс повторится
Вновь равновесие в хаос обратится
Что бы продолжить развития цикл
На новом витке спирали великой

К горизонту событий стремясь
К точке исхода и обновления
Неизбежный коллапс
Полупериод волны расширения

Собираясь воедино
За тем разделяясь
Без конца и начала
Процесс повторяя

От истока к истоку
Из вечности в вечность
Track Name: Mirrors and labyrinths
A journey to behold for explorers of life
Through lucid awareness that transcends space and time
Initiation into sacred realms
Where arcane memories dwell

As it slowly unwinds, he tries to remain calm...

Disassociation renders fear irrelevant and all that he knows fades away
A place so strange, yet not so foreign, he knows he's been here before
Celestial storms perpetuate, fractal reflections in a labyrinth of mirrors
Structured chaos

A shift in reality pulls him away
Now one with a silicon-based alien lifeform
Resonating with sound and light
A different kind of existence

The explorer of being is set to return, mind will be expanded and illusions will burn!
Knowledge and wisdom acquired from beyond the lie that once conquered his mind
Track Name: Obscure luminescence
A secret gathering
About to recur again
Like thousands of times before
But the last for a while

The distant city lights
The only sign of nearby life
And as the world sleeps
This desolate platform is lit by starlight

Accompanied by none
Tonight he is not alone
An eerie presence sensed
Like something is watching him

One star across the sky
Shines brighter then the rest
As electronics fail
An alien craft descends!

Luminescent, etheric, origin non-local
Vague figures observed extiting the craft
Obscured by blinding white light

Telepathically, he was called to come towards them
The child takes a step with no fear in his eyes
A memory for a lifetime, as if to say...

Total oblivion
A condition of growing on Earth...
Starchild, hear these words!
You will forget everything, but...

Never forget who you are...